21 November 2014


IKEA is reissuing 26 pieces from my childhood! Ha! You can now buy vintage 50s, 60s and 70s IKEA furniture. I need to get my hands on the Arjeplog pendant lamp for my kitchen. Sadly, there isn't an IKEA in Louisiana. The closest one is in Houston! Can you believe that bullshit? That's eight hours away. I am fuming. They're sold in stores only and not in every store either. They're limited so better act fast before IKEA vintage vultures get to them. Seems like the IKEA in Costa Mesa, CA has most of them in stock. I'll have to call my sister to get the lights for me. My other two favorite pieces from the bunch — Lillbron coffee table and Ekenäsat chair. I'm not super crazy about butterfly chairs. They just remind me of college dorms. IKEA should really dig back into their archives more often and reissue more pieces. I know they have some killer Kofod Larsen look-alike chairs. What's your favorite from their Argang collection?

20 November 2014


Aside from doing photography, I also love designing logos for other creatives. A logo is truly the best investment for your brand. It helps you stand out from all the sites and blogs out there. Personally, I like to change up my logo / header once or twice a year to keep it fresh. And isn't it crazy that the new year is just around the corner, so it's definitely time for some fun updates! If you've been pondering about updating your logo, I'd love to help you design one! Hop on over to my shop to get more details and get an awesome brand new logo before the new year!

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13 November 2014


Amsterdam Modern perfection

Pillow mountain at the Jungalow HQ

Snapping suburbia

I will never get tired of these tumbling block tiles. I'm brainstorming ways to DIY these tiles for our kitchen.

10 November 2014


Hello, my vintage vultures! You ready to build your own mid-century inspired wall unit? These kind of units typically cost an arm and a leg. I've seen a few DIY variations, so I figured it shouldn't be too hard to Dab-It-Yourself. The whole unit ended up costing about $230 with tax. It's like a statement piece for your statement pieces. I think the best thing I did was spray paint the tracks and brackets gold. It looks moneeey. Everything can be scooped up at Home Depot. I was torn about what kind of boards to use. Initially, I wanted to buy 2x4 plywoods and stain them myself but Rubbermaid has pre-maid particle boards in all the right sizes and in different colors, so I settled for those instead. I know they're cheap looking but you end up saving time from all the sawing, sanding and staining. I'm all about quick and dirty. You feel me? I think they still look awesome. I did have to stain a piece of plywood for the desk.

It feels great to have a little workspace, plus some shelves to house my accessories. And by accessories, I mean plaaants. I need more. Can't stop, won't stop! I'm slowly building a new collection of tchotchkes in my New Orleans home, which includes Buddha statues now, because my heartmate likes them. I'm actually digging that little altar. The styling isn't 100%. I need planters asap. It still needs some work but I wanted share the progress.

Each tracks are spaced 22 inches apart because you want to be able to hang a 24 inch shelf, which means the 48 inch boards will stick out just a tad. You can also ask the Home Depot lumber people to help cut it to the perfect size for free. There are countless ways to configure the shelves, so it's really up to you if you wanna include desk or just shelves. They also have 72 inch boards that goes all the way across which is something I might consider later on. That's the fun part about these wall units. They're totally modular.

• Spray paint tracks and brackets outside. I applied two layers for an even coverage. They dry pretty quickly but gentle with them as they will scratch.

• Position the left track about 8 inches below the desk height. FYI, a standard height for a desk is 29 inches or you can adjust your ergonomic workspace. Use a level to mark the seven anchor spots. Each anchor can hold up to 50lbs!
• Use an 1/4 inch drill bit to drill through the plaster walls. Don't let the size of the bit intimidate you. You can easily patch it up when you move.
• Hammer anchors into the wall.
• Place track over anchors and then screw it in.

• Use tape measure to measure 22 inches from the fisrt bracket.
• Place second track on the wall and use level at the top of tracks making sure it's leveled horizontally and then the side. Mark your anchor spots. Drill holes. Pop in anchors and screw in track. Repeat for the rest of the tracks.

• Position your brackets to your shelving configuration. I try to keep even space between all the shelves.
• Use screws to secure brackets to shelf. I had to use a 1/8 inch drill bit first to create a hole for the screws. This part was a little tedious. You can also spot treat the screws by dabbing some gold spray paint with a brush.

And that's it! I hope that was clear. If you need more instructions, Rubbermaid has them under decorative shelving. It took a few hours doing this alone but if you have help, then it'll be quick and easy.

• 4 Rubbermaid 70 inch twin tracks upright
• 17 Rubbermaid 11.5 inch twin track shelf brackets
• 3 Rubbermaid 18.5 inch twin track shelf brackets
• 4 Rubbermaid 12 inch x 24 inch shelf
• 3 Rubbermaid 12 inch x 48 inch shelf
• 1 3/4" 20 inch x 48 inch plywood
• 2 Rustoleum gold metallic spray paint
• 5 Rubbermaid twin track hardware pack

• Hammer
• Power drill
• 1/4 inch Drill bit for the anchors
• 1/8 inch Drill bit for the shelves
• Level
• Tape measure

06 November 2014


Can't tell you how excited I am about this little Dab-It-Yourself wall unit! My NOLA home is coming together, you guys! I'll break down the costs and materials for you on Monday. I also couldn't resist buying a fiddle leaf fig tree while I was at Home Depot. It was for $35! I've never seen it so cheap anywhere. Is it because the fig is so three years ago? Whatevs. I also picked up my spirit plant, the rubber tree. I need pretty planters for them. You'll notice the tags are still on them and I don't plan on removing them because if these babies die on me, Home Depot will gladly take them back for a full refund. Yesss.

On to other fun news. The Creative Residency has two outstanding seminars this month in Los Angeles at the new Jungalow HQ! First up is Shannon Randall's Best Bio Bootcamp on Nov 15. Get your bios, resumes and portraits all geared for the new year.

Our second seminar is Intro to DSLR Photography and Lightroom, taught by Jennifer Young and Bekka Palmer on Nov.23. Learn how to take beautiful photos and edit them from these two pros. Sign up today!

05 November 2014


Anthology's fall issue is out! You can check out my styling work for Kristine and Richard's badass, architectural home in Silver Lake. This home is to die for. And nothing beats working with your bffs, and that includes Bagel, their sweet little poocher. Beautiful photography by Jessica Comingore. Anthology Design Matters issue, on newsstands now.

04 November 2014


Here's what I have in mind for our living room. I know everyone's all about a bar cart these days. I never really cared for one but my heartmate enjoys a cocktail after work everyday, because being a principal is seriously the toughest job in the world. So whatever babe wants, babe gets. He actually hates when I say that. Sofa, rug, coffee table are from West Elm. Those sexy Milo Baughman green chairs are from Chairish. And my favorite planters ever are from Modernica. Pillows from Calypso. I'm also building a mid-century inspired wall unit on the other side of this room. Our living room isn't huge but I do have some space to work with. It's essentially our everything room. Sit and watch tv, eat, work, drink, make out, yada yada yada. Can't wait for everything to come together, hopefully by Thanksgiving!