22 April 2014

It's spring cleaning season and you have no idea how badly I want to mop some floors right now. Is that crazy talk? Probably because I still don't have my own place yet. But soon enough, with all my fingers crossed, I'll find an apartment in NYC this weekend. In the meantime, here's something we all can benefit from with a little cleaning on our favorite accessory, the iPhone.

Step 1
Let's organize those apps and purge unused ones. My general rule is, if you haven't tapped it in over three months, you don't need it. Besides, you can always download it again. Currently I have 45 apps, which sounds like a lot, but most of them are iPhone defaults that can't be deleted. You have no idea how many times I've tried and failed repeatedly to delete the Stocks app. Grr!

Step 2 
Let's get your screen all nice and clean like this one above. Did you know that you can have folders in the dock? What I did was, I dragged three folders (you can drag up to four) over to the dock. Then, I dropped all the apps into the folders. I named my folders with by Old Brand New shapes ●△△ Now that your screens is clear, you can appreciate your wallpaper.

Step 3
Check your storage (Settings > General > Usage). Give it a second and it'll give you a rundown of what's taking up space. Photos are typically space eaters so I recommend backing up purging old photos. Another thing I've noticed that eats up storage are messages. If you like to text photos, gifs or videos, especially in those group messages, then you might want to delete them because they, too, take up hella space.

And that's it! Just some tips to get your iPhone looking great! Also, feel free to download the three wallpapers above. You can adjust it to whichever one that tickles your fancy.


21 April 2014

Hey vintage vultures! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Sorry for the radio silence around here. I always feel terrible for neglecting Old Brand New. It's like my baby, you know? Justina and I are cranking out the final words and photos for The New Boho book. Everything is looking outstanding and we know it's gonna rock the world when it comes out next spring. We can't wait.

Last week was also my birthday. I went bowling with a few friends and that was a blast. Love me some bowling time. I totally wanna join a bowling league when I hop back to NYC. Since I'm leaving LA again, I'm squeezing in as much time with my adorable niece. I took her to LACMA on Saturday and she loved it. She even brought her notepad along and sketched out works by Matisse and Picasso. She continues to wow me.


11 April 2014

Digging the lines and shapes from Cotton & Flax's new spring collection. Beautifully photographed by Laure Joliet.

Cute planters from Pigeon Toe

The American Trade Hotel in Ciudad de Panamá. Exquisitely designed by Commune who also designed the new Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. I am drooling over everything. I'm kinda wishing the Ace in LA looked more like this!


10 April 2014

I feel like the only time I ever go to the beach is when I have friends visiting or if I'm trapped on the west side just waiting for the traffic to die down. You see, I'm just not really a beach person. Maybe because I nearly drowned when I went fishing with my dad when I was four. But after a long day, it's definitely a great place to clear your mind. I'll miss it just a little bit when I move back to NYC in two weeks.


06 April 2014

Peddler's Creamery in Downtown Los Angeles • Raspberry pop tart :P
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