18 September 2014

Tennis is turning out to be one of my favorite bands lately. Their new record sounds fuller and has more depth. They've definitely matured a lot since their Cape Dory days. And Sinkane is a new find for me. His voice is so smooth and sexy. I especially love some of his songs with a little more twang to them, like Galley Boys. I hope you like these 10 jams! Listen below or over on Spotify.


17 September 2014

The copper trend has been growing strong since last year and now, I see it everywhere. Like, at bars with people sipping their Moscow mules in copper cups, interiors with one of Tom Dixon's ubiquitous copper pendants, and even my (super hip) mom is sporting a rose gold watch, which is essentially copper. Copper can be very elegant and tasteful but I like it in small doses. It's not as subtle or neutral as bronze or gold. They're definitely statement pieces.

My heartmate's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I know he's been hinting some copper cups, and I found the perfect ones from Crate & Barrel. We're also hosting Thanksgiving this year so I'm eyeing these Copper Flatware. They be fancy!

And currently, I'm coveting these hot copper pieces.

Copper Bar Cuff  •  Moscow Mule Glass  •  Blu Dot Copper Real Good Chair

This L&G Melodic Chime is awesome and totally Old Brand New!

DIY copper clothing rack on sfgirlbybay



11 September 2014

Coming back to LA is always great because I get to eat delicious Asian food, catch up with friends, and most of all, I get to hang out with my 8 year old niece. Like most 8 year olds, they're rambunctious, curious and pretty obnoxious, too. Ha. They're a bundle of fun though.

On Sunday, we went to Home Depot to buy some pots and soil to plant seeds I got from Tinybop. She loves gardening and in less than four days, the wildflower blend started sprouting and she got so excited! She can't wait 'til the tomatoes grow so she can selfishly eat them all by herself because apparently these seeds are hers. That butthead!

So, Tinybop is an app for kids. And a really great one! My niece is pretty glued to her ipad and instead of having her play some questionable games, like minecraft or some dress-up fairy game, Tinybop is a fun learning app with beautiful plant and animal illustrations. Check it out for your kids!


10 September 2014

I've been meaning to share portraits of the fellows I photographed from our first seminar with you guys. They're all so talented! Yesterday, Justina and I had follow-up skype sessions with them to see how they applied the tools we shared with them to meet their goals. It's a wonderful thing to maintain that kind of relationship with the fellow creatives. I think that's what makes The Creative Residency stand out from other workshops, because we truly care and want you to succeed. We're excited to teach another social media seminar this Saturday. We still have a few spots left so if you wanna learn some tricks, or wanna have your portraits taken, come join us!

Katja Ollendorff  •  Minh Tran  •  Debra Szidon  •  Faith Blakeney  •  Diana Steffen  •  Evan Cooper   •  Molly Berry  •  Genevieve Tyrrell  •  Maria Malbas  •  Tawny Alipoon  •  Annastasia Goldberg  •  Katie Hess  •  Sean Yokomizo


Alright, here are the last three makers from the Style it! Shoot it! Share it! photoshoot with Verizon FiOS. Hope you enjoyed seeing how Justina and I styled and shot the works of these creatives in a beach cottage in Santa Monica last weekend. It was a whirlwind for sure. Lots of fun though!

I finally got to meet the the super funny and talented Summer of Modernhaus! Check out their awesome chairs and indigo pillows!

Florals by the sweet Kelly Cuadra of Brown Paper Design.

Concrete Geometric radness.


09 September 2014

Sharing three more local makers today from our Style it! Shoot it! Share it! project for Verizon FiOS. Check out Justina Blakeney's Pinterest page for more photos!

Beautiful ceramics by Jen E


Sexy plant stuff by Chaparal Studio

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