28 December 2010


Guess where I found this navajo inspired printed rug? It's from a chain store where they sell brand new things that mimic old, vintage things. Yep, Urban Outfitters, my favorite high-end thrift store. I was doing some last minute holiday shopping there and found this rug in the dirt cheap sale bin. I also saw a few adorable things that weren't on sale, like this owl umbrella stand. What do you think of it? I've been desperately looking for a rug that's under $50, which is like impossible to find. And this was for 20 bucks—what a deal!

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  1. so jealous! the rug is beautiful! i dearly wish i had an urban outfitters in my city...

  2. Hey janis, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I'm lovin' the rug. Urban Outfitters is good place for little house things like this. I think they ship worldwide, their online sale is pretty good, too.

  3. is that an new old brand new coffee table I swear I don't recall seeing it before.

  4. "Urban Outfitters, my favorite high-end thrift store" - so great! Happy New Year.

  5. Hey PLUMBER, that coffee table is old. Well, not too old, I found it earlier this year. I guess you didn't pay any special attention to my beautiful things when you visited during the summer. How dare you disrespect my vintage stuff. Kidding. Miss ya!

    NICOLE, totally a high end thrift, right? Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Ohh your living room looks lurverly! UO is only online for me, damn it! I mean Australia only got its first gap a month ago!
    Am liking your blog!

  7. Love!! Can I ask where you got the pouf ottoman from?

    1. Thank you! The pouf was from Urban Outfitters many moons ago.

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