24 May 2011


Throughout my childhood summers, my family loved a quick roadtrip to Las Vegas. They would book one room where we'd pack it up like raccoons. And like everyone there, my mom dreamed of winning big. I never cared for it but it's grown on me since. I especially look forward to the drive. It's refreshing to sneak away from the city to soak in the raw desert.

Vegas is a strange place filled with even stranger people. Everyone has no concept of time or money. It's crazy. We went for Kylie Minogue's concert. It was the last leg on her US tour and she was spectacular! I'm still recovering from all the dancing and singing. I have one snapshot of Kylie doing her thang. Vegas suits her perfectly so I hope she returns.

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  1. These photos are stunning. The desert is so far, she seems so infinite, so rough and yet fascinating. And I love the picture with the gas pump - typical America, right?

    In Las Vegas, I probably would want to play again for money. Once to win the jackpot:). That would be terrific. Imagine how you could make a lot of traveling with so much money!

    The concert photo is very great.

  2. Great pics as always, but especially the one with the air/water pump, LOVE IT!!

  3. Love that drive from L.A to Vegas~dreamy and relaxing...and then "wow" the jewel in the desert!
    From here in Phx I take 93 to 40 up by Kingman and then cross over the river at Laughland. (scared of heights/no Hoover dam new bridge for me)
    The drive is like time stood still-ish. Great for photos.
    Glad Kylie was amazing!
    Tina xox

  4. What amazing shots D, I love the feeling and mood of them all. Aw, look at you snoozing.. the last time we were in Cali, we were thinking of driving to Vegas too. I wish we had. Maybe next time.. Sounds like you had a great Kylie show!

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I always opt for the drive instead of flying :) Glad you had a good time!

  6. @ Kristin Thank you. I was also imagining myself in some Coen brother's film. Vegas is fun. I'm not a big gambler but I love slots. They're fun.

  7. I love road trips and vegas too.

    ♥ sécia

  8. theses photos are just amazing.

  9. Splendid as per usual, Dab. You're so Coppola...wistful sigh.



  10. Nothing beats a road trip with a banh mi sandwich! Kylie M is coming to SF for a concert too, maybe you should do a road trip to here. Would love to see you do a photo shoot of the city! :)

  11. Kylie! So glad it was a great concert, she definitely knows how to put on a show and i think you're right, Vegas just seems like a perfect place for her to perform.

  12. @ Anna Thank you

    @ Sweetina That's exactly it. It's so dreamy and relaxing even if it's empty.

    @ Chantale Kylie never disappoints. She's so good.

    @ Cassie Totally!

    @ Sécia :D

    @ Shannan Thank you so much.

    @ Süsk It's a vietnamese sandwich called Bánh mì. It's cheap and delicious! Baguette with bbq pork or you can get it with different kinds of meat, too. YUM. Vietnamese food is my fave. I wish I could send some to ya!

    @ Jeanne Bánh mì is seriously the best road trip snack. I wish I went to see her in SF too. I haven't been back in a couple years. I love SF.

    @ SJ Kylie always put on a great show. So happy my Aussie friends got me hooked on her, seriously.

  13. looks like you have so much fun!! :) love the beautiful photos~ the last shot for some reason made me start playing mazzy star in my head... :)

  14. Sigh. I could do with a little quiet drive through the desert right now. Escaping through your top notch snaps instead.

  15. Great pics. I have done the drive from LA to Vegas and it was really beautiful and serene out there in the desert. I totally agree that nobody has any concept of time or money. Great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there!

  16. I love you, I miss you, I want that sandwich.

  17. I love your photo =)
    I want to have road trip either

  18. divine. i have been to vegas a couple of times and always end up disappointed with the pictures i have taken there. i wish they would look like urs! picture no. 5 makes me go all "woooow". i would print it in a big size and frame it. the perfect vegas picture in my eyes!

    so happy to hear that u guys had an awesome time. kylie must have been amazing. going to check out ur snapshot now :)

  19. @ Suki Mazzy Star! That's why I love ya. Thank you!

    @ Rosa Navas Thank you for stopping by and see ya around.

    @ Will We'll have a photoshoot in the desert when you come!

    @ Nat Thank you. And I totally agree, living there would be exhausting, especially during summer, it's so hot!

    @ Ashley I love you and miss you more! Let's get some banh mi, my sweets!

    @ Mongfer Thank you!

    @ sen.siˈʝes You're so sweet. Thank you. A lot of my vegas shots didn't turn out that well either. I just stick to the desert. It's hard to take a bad photo of the desert, no?

  20. My recent trip to Vegas makes me want to move over to the west coast. I loved the desert! I miss it all and can't wait to go back. :)!

  21. Your photos have blown be away. You are so incredibly talented, I am mesmerized! Absolutely love!


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