26 January 2012


Ashley, my flea market charm buddy, moseyed by the other day. We haven't hung out in awhile and she hasn't seen my new place so we caught up over yummy bagels with lox cream cheese, and mimosas. Of course, I couldn't refrain from busting out my camera to capture her many layers of radiance. Love this chica. 

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  1. Mixing prints with scarves is so great since they are so light. You pretty much can't go wrong. Love the dots!

  2. She is pretty, especially in that light!

  3. Tell sally that debbie from greece loves her blouse and scarf in the second picture!!

    (New blog needing some love and support: http://inwhirlofinspiration.blogspot.com)

  4. You always make me look good! :) xoxoxo

  5. Lovely.

    ♥ sécia


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