11 May 2012

I had a black & white week on instagram. You can find me @dabito.

If you're in LA this weekend, go check out this fun musical called EDGES. It will definitely lift your spirits up. It's exactly what I needed last weekend after some mishappenings. Thanks to my squirrel friend, Joseph for taking me to it!

Watched Paris, Je T'aime again last weekend and that last short directed by Alexander Payne featuring Margo Martindale is still my favorite. I also can't stop singing "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye."

I'm so happy you guys enjoyed Helen + Garson's home. Thanks for all the lovely comments. More tours to come!

That's it about it. Rose Bowl flea market on Sunday, guyals! Have a sweet weekend!


  1. I love that Alexander Payne directed piece as well. Definitely my favorite.

  2. The choice of photos is very moving. Monochrome images have some kind of a very special feel. Or maybe it's just me.
    "Because I feel alive."


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