25 September 2012

I can't believe I've been at my new place for almost a month now. It feels really awesome. I do miss Beatrice but I still see that furry face once a week. I should probably pick up her Sunday feature again. About the new crib,  I have some major projects lined up. I just bought materials to build a bed frame. Might be a little ambitious of me because I have no carpentry skills, but hey, I was a printmaker, I'm good with my hands! I also wanna build a book case / desk unit. I'll definitely document it all and hope it goes well. I haven't done a DIY in ages, so I'm really looking forward to it. Let's see, what else...I wanna swap out my purple sofa for something supple and leathery. I'm not getting rid of the sexy Y bench though. Love this m'fugga! I'm gonna try not to go overboard with styling. I'm cutting back on the tchotchkes. I can feel the Jungalow giving me weird looks because she's all about maximal! Ha. I also have a sweet Kachina doll blessing my new home with its left spirit fingers. It's from my pal, David Zorn. Anyway, I can't wait to share more adventures with you!

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  1. total major eyeroll...BUT...love that Kachina doll and hoping you keep your plants!! Can't wait to come check out the pad. can't belive you've been there a month already and I still haven't seen it!?!! And truth be told---I have been getting rid of tchotchkes lately too--cleansing is in the air!!

  2. Hey Dab! Not stopped by for a while so just checking in to say HELLO! Your convo with the Jungalow Queen is cracking me up - too funny! Hope you are starting to get settled in the new place. Hugs from London!

  3. Dabito- I came for a visit after being gone for a bit and I read that you are in a new place...at first I thought I had clicked on an old link that I had, but nope!

    I hope everything is going splendidly at the new place. I would love a supple, leather couch, but for now [and forever] it's just a pipe dream-- I hear cats and leather couches are like oil and water.

  4. Hello! Congrats on your new spot. I was a frequent reader and have been gone for quite a while. So lots of new posts to read and enjoy.
    While you are contemplating purging, can I make a request? If you ever decide to resell your amber lamps (the ones that were on your bedside table) would you consider selling them to moi?
    I've been on a hunt for them because they are identical to my Gma's funky amber lamps that she got rid of! Why oh why would she get rid of those beauties.
    So hopefully you are still enjoying them, but if they didn't make the cut, please do holla!
    Thanks dear fabulous design maven you!


  5. P.S. Hope that doesn't sound crazy, someone bidding on your virtual/ potential purged items. I promise it's as a fan!

  6. Your space is always styles so simply and beautifully. Love it.


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