02 November 2012


One corner down and many more to go! I'm typically way faster when it comes to getting my nest together but it's been so distracting lately with work and play. Too much. Anyway, I'm super excited about this weekend because I'm assisting an Elle Decor shoot with my buddy Jake! It's for a very fun and adorable star who lives in the Hollywood hills. I have to be tight-lipped about who she is, but maybe I'll sneak some peeks for you all on instagram. Follow along @dabito! Alright, have a super weekend, my vintage vultures!

Friday Finds —

+ David Sedaris reads Miranda July's short story.
+ Help those affected by Sandy. Donate.
+ Have you watched Louie? It's honest and hilariously poignant.

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  1. The quilt on the wall is beautiful.

  2. perfect little corner to cozy up in!

  3. I really like that quilt on the wall. Your blog's amazing. I really like this simply scheme :)

  4. Stunning, as usual! Wish you could come decorate our casa.
    Ronnie xo


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