01 March 2013


Any exciting plans this month? Well, I'm turning thirty in April which gives me a whole month to do all the crazy silly things I can get away doing, like public intoxication or rereading Catcher in the Rye at the park, completely naked. Because being crazy is all about public indecency. Ha! I'm looking forward to my 30s though, and making some bold moves!

Anyway, this weekend, I'm cruising down to the Irvine flea market with Happy Mundane and will indubidably stop by 85 Degrees Bakery for yummies. Tonight is Handsome Coffee Roaster's one year anniversary party which I'm gonna hop over for a bit. See you guys there, perhaps?

Alright, have a super weekend, my vintage vultures!

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  1. haha! YES to bold moves & the crazy silly things before welcoming the 3-0! will i be hearing about your zany adventures the next time i see you? ;) haapy march sweet dabito!

  2. Spring Chicken!!!!

    I didn't know I couldn't get nakid in the park anymore??? what? No one told me I was too old!!!

  3. March is such a lovely month! Super excited to start looking into garden ideas.


  4. I like that you are looking forward to 30. Why live in dread. :) Coming from the other side of 30, it's lovely over here, ha. :)

    Just discovered your blog...been wandering around it a bit and thought I'd say HI.


  5. i'm also turning thirty in april. good to know it happens to other people also, ha

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