21 January 2014

Ace Hotel is now open for business in Downtown L.A. That part of town is starting to look promising. Across from the Ace is Acne Studio. I also hear Aesop and OAK will take a spot right next to the hotel. That's a lot of goodness in one corner! Too bad they weren't around when I used to live and work just a block away. I guess I can always move back to DTLA, after my move to NYC, of course. So, at the Ace, I wandered around the lobby, then grabbed an Americano and mozied upstairs to their mezzanine. The mezz is above their restaurant, LA Chapter which was a scene. Overall, I think Commune did a great job designing the entire space. I'll have to go back to take more photos, which I'm sure will be very soon. For a peek at the rooms, check out Selecticism.

Bottega Louie's stairway to macaron heaven.

Old Brand New in the wild △△

LA totally skipped spring this year. It's already summer! Just look at this shadow of paradise people. It's been way too warm lately. You know me, I'm all about the cold. Most people aren't though. So, instead of blasting your heater, treat yourself and buy a plane ticket to LA to enjoy some sunshine. I've already convinced someone special from NYC to visit me, so you should do the same. I'll even help plan your itinerary!


  1. I feel like i'm completely missing out on something with all of those Ace Hotels everywhere. Definitely need to organize a trip to get to discover this new sensation that everybody is talking about.

  2. The angle of the photo of the macarons completely had me believing they were piled up mountains of macarons and I was very very impressed and confused, very cool photo!

  3. I need to get myself back to LA for a bit...

  4. I'm so jealous! Its freezing where I'm from, and there is snow everywhere! LA looks lovely!


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