19 September 2014


Justina and I had another solid seminar last weekend for The Creative Residency. This time, it took place at Nuclear Family's creative space in the Arts District of Los Angeles. It's a great space for workshops, events or creative collaborations. So hit them up if you need a space!

Our next seminar, Intro To Getting A Book Deal is October 12th in Los Angeles and it'll be taught by Justina. She has lots of experience with getting book deals. I mean, she's got a book coming out next spring that's being published by Abrams.

And now, meet our fantastic fellows below!

Snapping portraits can be tricky because most people aren't comfortable in front of the lens, myself included. So to break the ice and set them at ease, I like to create fun scenarios while I snap. Like...

The meet-the-parents-and-I-baked-my-special-peach-crumble-pie-look!

The I-had-two-too-many-mimosas-this-morning-and-I'm-fun-and-fabulous-look!

The stride-by-look.

The I-woke-up-like-dis look! And yes, with purples nails and fuchsia lips. Fierce, gurrrl!

And our smile-now-cry-later-looks! Ha!

Then, we put our students to work.

We also used some of Joy's fun tableware from her Oh Joy! for Target line.

Yummy pastries from Proof Bakery and The Village Bakery.

Nuclear Family haa excellent taste!

24 June 2014


Over the weekend, I hung out with Sean Santiago who's a talented writer, designer, photographer, stylist, and also an editor at Lonny mag. We mozied over to the farmer's market in Fort Greene for some yummy edibles and then back to his place to play in his bedroom. Okay, that sounds semi-scandalous. Play, as in me styling and photographing his space. No hanky panky, you guys! Sean's got great taste and awesome style. I love how he isn't afraid of color and mixes it all up, both at home and on himself. A bit boho, yes?

Custom-made fringe pillows with GP&J Baker linen • Grey linen pillow covers from Hammer & Spear • Indigo throw from Home of the Brave • Ceramics by Ben Medansky, Romy Northover from The Primary Essentials, Arhoj ghost from HURRA! Vintage shirt from Nishi • Carven pants • Drapery from Beacon Hill's Soo Locks in Frost

21 May 2014


One of my favorite comfort foods is the Hainan chicken rice. Something about the combination of that ginger chili sauce with the fragrant grains. Yum! I don't eat a whole lot of meat anymore but when I do, it has to be organic. Luckily, there is one organic Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles (well, San Gabriel). It's called Green Zone and they're known for their Hainan chicken rice. I occasionally substitute the white rice with wild rice because, well, it's summer soon, so I'm on my summer bod diet. Ha! I took Jennifer Young there today and she was beyond impressed. I seriously could eat here everyday. I don't think it's difficult to make either. Oh yeah, we also borrowed BeyoncĂ©'s fan. How do think we got Jen's hair flippin' so flawlessly?!

09 May 2014


Check out all the bright spots Will and Jon went in Venice on West Elm! And that's it, folks! I'm hopping back to NYC tonight. Have a freaken amazing weekend!

02 May 2014


The Bright Bazaar book is out! I am so proud of Will and so excited for all his adventures. He's in NYC to kick off his #makeyousmilestyle US book tour at West Elm. We hung out with Justin from Scout Sixteen and he showed Will some of his favorite spots around town. And you betcha we made it work in that heavy pouring rain! And we got a fun story for you too. We accidentally barged into a cab and Meg Ryan was in there! I mean, the cab was parked forever with its lights on so we thought it was available. Ha! I don't think she was very pleased with us. Anyway, mosey on over to West Elm to see where we went!

And happy friday my vintage vultures!

24 February 2014


The wonderfully talented Casey Keasler invites us over for a peek into her downtown Portland home and for a little chit chat about her creative journey. I first met Casey a couple years ago when she visited Los Angeles. She's super chill and easy going. I knew she'd be a homie. And when Justina and I went to Portland a few weeks ago, Casey generously offered her loft to us to stay since she was in L.A. designing for the new Tanner Goods location in the Arts District. Casey is an interior designer who also works on furniture designs. She's part of the Mazama crew too. That sounds pretty gangsta. Ha! Anyway, she's a true creative force. Check out her work and follow along her adventures on instagram. I've been wanting to photograph a home in black & white and Casey's place is perfect for it.

Hey Casey! I'd love to hear a little about your creative journey.

My mom jokes that my first word was Selft. A made up word I created to explain, I would do it myself. From a young age I learned I wanted to work for myself and knew it would be in the creative industry. I grew up in the Tennessee, went to design school in the south, spent my 20s in Colorado working as a designer in corporate type architecture firms then moved to Portland with an ex. Portland is where I reconsidered the way I wanted to live and also earn a living. Instead of spending 50 hours in front of a computer each week, which is what I was doing before, I balance that time with making products, doing installations and of course still interior design. I love the variety it creates. It keeps me on my toes, always learning how things work from all aspects; from concept to design to construction to experiencing a space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve been all over the board with design influences but I keep going back to quiet, clean spaces. Spaces that are on the smaller side and have something a little unexpected. Too many things and my eye can’t rest or nothing feels special. Portland has been more supportive than I could imagine too. Everyone here is doing their own thing, so it’s inspiring but also an incredible talent pool for just about anything imaginable.

More importantly, how's the dating scene like, if say, someone like me wants to move to Portland? Haha kidding, but not really ;)

Dating in this city is intimate, for lack of a better word. It’s small and you’re likely to cross paths with a date or crush at some point, like it or not. The good news is there are a ton of good looking, talented, single people in this city who are always up for some fun.