3 Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains

Clogged pipes are unfortunately common, and they can be truly bothersome to deal with. Consider that most homeowners will not take steps to remove a partial clog. Instead, the clog may slowly worsen over time, and the homeowner may notice that the water drains ever more slowly down the drain. A homeowner may not call a plumber for professional plumbing service until the drain is completely clogged. Some clogs develop suddenly rather than slowly over time. For example, if a foreign object falls into the drain, the pipe may immediately become clogged. These are issues that homeowners may want to avoid as much as possible. While it is impossible to prevent all clogs, you can minimize the number of times you call a plumbing company for assistance when you follow these steps.

Pay Attention to What Washes Down Your Drains
Some objects are far more likely cause clogged drains than others. For example, some common causes of a clog in the garbage disposal or kitchen drain are coffee grounds, banana peels, watermelon rinds and potato peels. By preventing these objects from washing down the drain, you can reduce the chance of having a kitchen sink clog. Furthermore, by learning more about common causes of clogs in different areas of the home, you can more easily prevent clogs in your property.

Use a Drain Cover
Another great way to prevent clogs altogether is to use a drain cover. A drain cover in the bathroom may capture everything from foreign objects to strands of hair and more. In the kitchen, it can prevent food particles and other debris from watching down the drain. There are many styles of drain covers to consider, and the best option is one that has strainer-like appearance.

Clear Debris Away From the Drain Stopper
Pop-up drain stoppers are common in bathroom sinks as well as in bathtubs. Their main purpose is to block the flow of water when you want to fill up the sink or bathtub with water. However, they have a pronged appearance underneath the flat pop-up feature, and these prongs can easily accumulate hair and other debris. Over time, they may even develop a gunk or mildew on them, and this can create a true clog at the entryway of the pipe. Clearing this debris away is a great way to keep your pipes clear of clogs.

Removing clogs from drains can be a messy hassle, and in some cases, you may need to call a plumbing company for assistance. You can easily prevent the likelihood of drains developing in your pipes by following these helpful tips. Your plumber may also suggest additional ideas that are specific to your home’s features. The Express Rooter website has more relevant information and resources available on their website.

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