4 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspector About the Roof Before Purchase

Hiring a professional roofer is a smart way to ensure you are getting a good deal when purchasing a house. Professional roofing Toronto companies are experienced at looking at each major system and component of a home to ensure it is in the condition presented, or if it will need major repairs. Having to replace a roof right after the purchase can be more than the family budget can handle. Below are four important questions to ask the home inspector about the roof.

Are There Any Areas of Obvious Damage?

Try and pick a time for the inspection where there is no snow on the roof. Have the inspector check the roofing for integrity of materials, bulging, recessive spots or holes. Check that all flashing is in place and that the eaves have not taken a beating and need quick repairs. The cost of roof repair can be high, depending on what the problem is.

Can You Give An Estimate As to the Age of the Roof?

What you really need to know is an estimate as to how many years might be left on a roof. An experienced inspector can come up with a pretty good educated guess as to what life expectancy you are looking at. It is better to know upfront if the roof is need of replacement in a short amount of time. You can request to have the work done, get a discount on the price, or walk away from the deal altogether.

Are There Any Signs of Rot or Termite Damage on the Eaves?

Dealing with an active termite infestation can be a nightmare. Having these insects eating away at the eaves will eventually end up costing you in critical repairs.The inspector will need to thoroughly check the eaves and make sure that the eavestrough are on securely. That can be an early sign of termite damage. Have a pest company do a more thorough inspection for termites in the entire structure if any insect damage is found in the eaves.

Does the Roof Appear to Be Free of Leaks?

Knowing if the roof is leaking might take some investigating of attic spaces, or looking at the ceilings indoors. There are also leaks that can lead to moisture infiltration behind siding and eventually cause extensive damage. You will want to consider this before making the purchase. Have the current owner pay roofing contractors to repair what is damaged and end the leak.

Contact professional roofers and roof service contractors for an estimate of needed repairs if you are considering a home that has roof problems. It can help you make the all-important decision to buy, or walk away. For more information check out the Cherry and Clark website.

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