5 Warning Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Many homeowners make it a point of maintaining the overall condition of their home but often fail to pay enough attention to the roof. Although roof inspections can be performed throughout the year, there are still repairs that may be needed periodically. To protect your home from water damage, there are a few warning signs to look for when the structure needs roof repair to ensure that it has a long lifespan.

Missing Shingles or Tiles

Missing shingles or tiles can lead to exposed areas on the roof and can make the structure vulnerable to damage due to a lack of protection with the materials that are installed. Roofing contractors are qualified to reinstall new shingles or tiles to ensure that the home is protected from environmental elements.


Leaks that develop and come through the ceiling of the home mean that there’s an area on the roof that is not properly sealed. Professional roofers will be able to find the source of the leak by accessing the attic and using a flashlight to look for water stains or sunlight that is coming through the roof boards. The flashing may also be lifted and is allowing water into the property, which will require that the material is reinstalled. A leaky roof can have several negative implications for your home including mold, energy inefficiency, structural integrity, and more.


Sagging occurs on roofs when the structure begins to buckle, which can lead to the roof caving when too much pressure is applied if the problem isn’t repaired immediately. A roofing contractor will be able to access the sagging and replace part of the roof to ensure that the structure remains durable. In some cases, the entire roof will need to be replaced because the work that needs to be performed is too extensive.

Leaky Eavestrough

Leaky eavestroughs that are dripping water everywhere when it rains means that there’s a problem with the structure with redirecting water onto other areas of the property. This can soak the siding of the home and even lead to water becoming backed up on top of the building, which can lead to leaks.

Ponding Water

Ponding water is one of the most common problems that occurs on roofs due to a lack of a slope that may have developed. The slope can be fixed by adding crickets or tapered insulation. If ponding water continues to accumulate, it can lead to blocked drains and voids in the membrane. A roofer will also need to determine where the water is coming from if it continues to occur, which may be from an HVAC unit that don’t have condensate drain lines. Drains should also be checked for debris or leaves that have accumulated, which can cause the water to become backed up onto the top of the building.

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