6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wood Floor

Choosing the right hardwood flooring material is not as easy as finding the most popular items trending. This project is not inexpensive, which means you want to make sure you have investigated every aspect of the products available. Below are six great tips to keep you focused on finding the perfect wood flooring product.

1. Wood Type

Oak and walnut are two of the more popular choices in wood flooring. They are both considered hard enough to be durable, but the oak is slightly lighter in color. There are many choices in wood types that can be used for flooring. Ash, hickory, maple, and cherry are a few more that are used in all types of new construction and remodeling projects. Visually inspect the various types of wood to make the perfect choice to suit your style.

2. Solid or Engineered Product

The greatest benefit to engineered hardwood flooring products is the ability to directly attach them to concrete surfaces. Solid wood floor planks have to be placed over one or two sheets of quality plywood. Solid wood planks can be refinished many times over, but there are now engineered wood products that attach a thick enough piece of solid wood over the top, allowing it to be refinished as well.

3. Grain Pattern

Plain, rift and quarter-sawed wood planks will each provide a different grain pattern. Plain is the most common, which tend to run the length of the wood plank. The other two are more contemporary and can be chosen to spice the room up a bit. Find examples of each before settling on the most common choice available.

4. Plank Size

Long and thin were the more common plank sizes in older wood floors. Trends have changed and lean more towards shorter lengths and wider planks. It is not unusual to see planks that are as wide as four inches and more. Check out images of completed projects of varying plank length and width.

5. Prefinished or Finish After Installation

Using a prefinished wood flooring product is a faster way to have a completed floor, but finishing in the home is a way to get a more customized color. The finish can be adjusted to suit your decor perfectly. The biggest hassle with finishing after installation is the fumes.

6. Oil or Poly Coating

Coating the surface of a wood floor with polyurethane will help protect the surface from the damage of light scratches and reduce harm from small liquid spills. This type of coating is typically shiny and can make the room sparkle. An oil coating provides a softer finish that enriches the color. Get a visual demonstration of both types of surface coatings before making the decision.

Installing a wood floor is an investment that should last for years. Take your time and consider all options to ensure you end up with the exact floor you want. There is more information available at the Relative Space website.

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