Choosing the Right Combination of Janitorial Services

Janitorial services provide you with an effective, reliable way to keep your office or other venue perfectly clean on a regular basis. With most janitorial companies, you have the ability to select the frequency with which you want your venue cleaned as well as the types of services you want. You can often get creative with the schedule of your services, such as by scheduling vacuuming to be cleaned nightly but bathrooms to be cleaned weekly. This can help you to save money by only using the cleaning services you truly need at desired intervals. As you prepare to set up or adjust janitorial services in your establishment, follow these steps.

Make a List of All Cleaning Services Needed
Everything from regular vacuum to less frequent dusting of the air vents and window sills should be addressed by your janitorial team at some point. Your cleaning company may offer you a list of services to choose from, and this can take away the time and effort spent brainstorming needed services. If your cleaning company does not offer a list of services, you may need to walk around the venue to identify all of the surfaces that require cleaning on a regular basis.

Consider the Frequency With Which You Need Each Service
After you have a list of services that you need from your janitorial company, you will then need to think about how frequently you need each and every service completed. For example, if you have a high foot traffic facility, vacuuming may need to be completed every night. The break room, however, may only need to be cleaned once every week or two.

Consider the Cost of Services
The cost of services may also guide your decision-making processes. Areas that are most commonly viewed by your customers, such as main work areas and bathrooms, should receive the highest level of priority when making a decision based on cost. Private work areas where customers rarely visit may be less important. Work with your janitorial company with this step, as you may not save as much money as you might think by completing one type of service weekly rather than daily.

Make Adjustments As Needed
After you have established janitorial services with these factors in mind, you may discover that some adjustments need to be made periodically. For example, if you set up weekly vacuuming, you may have discovered that this frequency does not yield the level of clean that you desire. You can fine tune your services with your janitorial company as you go along.

Janitorial services may be one of the most important services that impact your work environment as well as customer impressions of your facility. With this in mind, carefully follow these steps so that you can make an informed decision about the services you need.

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