Commercial Cleaning –Keeping Up With Industry Trends

The commercial cleaning sector has been changing and experiencing steady growth over the recent years. Healthcare institutions and senior living facilities are expanding exponentially, providing new commercial cleaning opportunities. At the same time, the demand for more “greener” cleaning processes and supplies has grown. More clients are demanding cutting-edge cleaning technologies and higher levels of efficiency.

Demand for Greener Processes and ProductsAlthough cleaning systems and products being marketed as eco-friendly “green” solutions have been around for many years, their use has increased recently as more and more people become more environmentally conscious. Today, many commercial kitchen businesses will specifically inquire from you the types of product to be used on their facilities to avoid the possibility of toxic residues. Therefore, if you haven’t considered incorporating such green products and systems into your program, now is the right time.

Emergence of Robotic Cleaners

Today, robots are not only mopping floors and cleaning walls but scrubbing windows on high rise commercial building. Instead of getting worried about the possibility of losing your clients to a robot, why not consider incorporating the new emerging technology of robotic cleaning into your own cleaning processes? This will not only make you more efficient but also attract more clients based on people’s fascination with any innovative technology.

Explosion of Computer Software

If you are operating an independent small commercial cleaning Mississauga company and are dreaming of expansion, then you need to explore incorporating computer software packages into your processes. Word processors, databases, spreadsheets, and bookkeeping solutions could help in improving efficiency and streamlining your company.

Validating Of Cleaning Results

Some years ago, if the office floor shined and there was no visible soil or dust accumulation, you had done a great job. Today, customers want to see proof that the cleaning provided actually brings out the desired results clearly.

Now it is becoming more widespread to see commercial cleaning specifications that require process validation and result testing. These are related to gloss levels, coefficient of friction, and film thickness. Even more advanced are adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hand-held meters and particle counters.

New Health Focus

Cleaning in the future will demand going back to the old basics. It is demanding that commercial cleaners recognize the importance of disease spread prevention and not merely for being clean only. With lots of drug-resistant germ strains becoming more widespread and threatening people’s health, the focus of cleaning is now shifting todisease prevention.


During the coming decades, technology is going to reach a point where client expectations and the speed of change may exceed your imagination. With increased demands from clients also comes the need to increase professionalism. Part of your personal responsibility as a commercial cleaner is to stay abreast of the industry changes as well as the emerging trends that potentially impact your customers.

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