Four Advantages of Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway alarms were once found only on the properties of the very rich. But today, alarm systems are more affordable and available to the average person. There are a number of good reasons why home and property owners should consider getting a driveway alarm system.

1. Safety

The primary reason that most people want a driveway alarm is safety. Driveway alarms alert homeowners when a vehicle enters a driveway. If a homeowner wants, the driveway motion sensor can be set to detect people walking onto the driveway as well. Aside from security, some people would rather not talk to everyone who comes to the door. Systems with cameras also allow homeowner to see who is in driveway so that they can decide whether or not to answer the doorbell. To learn more, visit Absolute Automation Inc..

2. Package Delivery / Pick Up

In addition to just monitoring for safety, driveway alarms are useful for those who are expecting a package to be delivered or picked up at the home. A drive alert that a vehicle is in the driveway will give a homeowner time to get the package to the door or prepare for the delivery. This is an especially useful feature for those who operate a home-based business, who work outside and may not know a delivery vehicle has arrived or for those who have difficulty hearing a traditional doorbell.

3. Remote Property Monitoring

Driveway monitoring systems can be used in remote locations. A property owner can use the system to keep an eye on the property while in another part of the city or even another part of the world. Monitoring systems can be set to work with smart phone applications that alert property owners, or others, when the system is triggered. Remote monitoring can help property owners to watch their property while they are away and to worry less about possible problems.

4. Quick and Inexpensive

Compared to other types of security alarms and systems, driveway based alarms are fast to setup and inexpensive to purchase and maintain. In many cases, a homeowner can choose a system and have it installed on the same day or the next day. Installation of most types of driveways systems are very unobtrusive and require little preparation. Wireless alarm systems are generally the easiest to install. The one exception to fast installation is weight based triggers which must be placed under the driveway or in another place where it can monitor pressure changes to detect an automobile.

Driveway alerts provide many important functions. With the low cost and many benefits of installing a system, property owners should look into buying a system for their home or other building.

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