Hardwood Flooring: Emerging Trends to Lookout For

There is certainly no doubt that today hardwood is among the most popular flooring options available. This is largely due to its durability, quality, and its beautiful appearance. Over the previous 10 years or so, trends in wood flooring have been changing, greatly influenced by flooring manufacturers and leading designers. Today, more and more homeowners are appreciating the broad potential that comes with hardwood flooring.

Days are gone when all there was were pristine, shiny hardwood floors. The whitewashed, rustic and imaginative look is the new rage.

Wider Longer Boards

While at one time the 6” width was thought to be a wide plank, today 7” is widely used with even the bigger 8” also becoming widespread. Previously, the wider, longer boards were basically employed in rustic settings, but these are now being utilized in bringing a natural element into the modern domestic space. A major advantage of wider boards is that they reduce the amount of bevels needed across your floor.

While the market is still a strong for the traditionally narrower planks, it is clear that the trend for the wide-plank is gaining momentum fast. Some newer products are in fact offered in planks that are as wide as 10 or even 12 inches.

A special consideration that you need to pay attention to is when installing such wide plank hard wood floorings. Using too much or too little adhesive could have negative effects on the quality and durability of the installation.

Multi-Tone Textures

Recently, the popularity of hand scraped and wire-brushed floors have been steadily rising. They are now accounting for the bigger percentage of hardwood flooring purchases being made. No longer are the smooth “piano-top” floors dominating the marketplace like they once did as they generally tend to show dents, dust, and foot-prints.

Grey Tone

With recent advances in technology, getting a grey floor is not limited any more to applying a glaze or stain, both which often ends up a final look that appears rather artificial. A trend in hardwood flooring that is clearly emerging is the application of the fuming process to give a natural grey patina.

It’s a stylish and sleek look that creates drama, being unexpected and somehow different. Grey forms a great base because it’s not overly overpowering and doesn’t compete with your other colors in the home. It gives you leeway to accent other key elements.


Wider planks, richer multi tones, darker colors, and looks that are more natural, showcasing wood’s inherent grains and textures are just several of the latest hardwood flooring trends. These are offering today’s consumers of wood flooring more options than ever seen before. They are bringing new opportunity of showcasing personal style and opening up a whole new chapter in the world of floor design. You can learn more at the Fuse Flooring website.

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