How a Locksmith can help you to Choose from Several Types of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are fascinating locks for a couple of reasons. Of all house locks, the deadbolt provides the ultimate security. While the various deadbolts have special attributes, they are not created equal. With so many options to choose from, a locksmith will help you to select a lock that suits your specific requirements.

Types of Deadbolt Locks

Single Cylinder
Single cylinder locks are some of the most popular deadbolts in the market. This lock requires a key to open from the outside and a doorknob from the inside. The primary benefits include simple rekeying, fast reconfiguration, and easy ways to create the master key. Nevertheless, these deadbolt locks can be breached easily by burglars who have the necessary skills and know-how.

Double Cylinder
Similar to a single cylinder deadbolt, this locking mechanism does not have a knob on the inner side; instead, it requires a key on both the interior and exterior of the door. Apart from the opening mechanism, the double cylinder resembles the single cylinder deadbolts. In addition, since a key is required, it takes more time to open or lock the door, which would create more problems in an emergency situation.

Since the keyless system is installed within the door, this Deadbolt has a keypad rather than a conventional keyhole, so you do not have to worry about losing your keys. One advantage is that the code could be altered at any time in case you think that someone has your password. The downside is that if you are unavailable, a family member will be locked out until you return. Fortunately, you can share the password to the authorized people to avoid such inconveniences.

Just like the keyless lock that comes with a keypad instead of a conventional keyhole, a digital deadbolt operates on electrical power. Again, you can change the password if necessary, and this kind of lock provides exceptional security, but if there is a power blackout, you cannot unlock the door. The key is to have a power backup to avoid such problems.

The rim deadbolt is bolted to the inner side of the door and locks automatically whenever the door closes. Fortunately, you never need to worry whether you locked the door or not since the door can only be opened from the inside unless you have a key. The problem is that if you forgot the keys inside, you would have to call a locksmith.

Although this deadbolt is installed on the inner side, it is juxtaposed on the top. As a result, a burglar will struggle to break in since there is no gap for a pry bar to fit between the door and the frame. If you would like to find more information, check out Lock-Up Services Inc and learn from their available resources.

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