How Technology Is Transforming Canadian Junk Removal

The junk removal Toronto industry is highly competitive. It includes a number of larger nation-wide franchised operators as well as thousands of local small firms operating across the provinces and municipalities.

The waste industry analysis in Canada points to a growing macro industry trends in terms of the overall waste collection/disposal sector as well as targeted micro trends being pursued by local companies.

Growth & Franchising

The junk and waste removal business sector in Canada has come from far. The 1-man horse buggy business of earlier days has now been replaced by techno-savvy entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of technology and modern transportation.

Some of these bold entrepreneurs and investors have grown sizable independent junk and waste removal businesses. A number have even adopted the franchising business model, emphasizing on key aspects such as branding, tight business systems, and marketing programs that are taking their growing businesses to places never thought of before.

Two Dustbin Method

This innovative method is experiencing huge growth and success. Here the home owners keep two garbage bins, one for wet kitchen waste and the other for solid waste. This two bins approach is helping authorities in waste management and in streamlining junk removal. Private removal companies are now operating dumpster rental services designed to complement the 2 dustbin method of junk and waste removal.


A fast growing junk removal business trend is the reprocessing and repurposing of the waste as much as possible so that not all of it ends up at the local landfill. Lots of gently-used items such as clothing, furniture, toys, and many other household items may be resold in used/second hand stores or donated to charities operating in the local area. Recyclable items like plastic, metal, wood, and electronics are getting recycled.

Composting is another method which is experiencing a huge resurgence. It forms an excellent method of eliminating food and vegetable trash collected in domestic garbage bins from heading to landfills by reusing them in a more responsible way that also nourishes the soil.


Gasification is among the latest trends in junk removal. Here, garbage is being converted into energy sources such as biofuel. This is an environmentally clean process that creates a low-cost, sustainable gas suitable for domestic use. It can be used in lots of ways such as liquid fuel, green diesel fuel, or refine crude oil.


There is concern in Canada that landfills are nearing full capacity and finding new ones is becoming increasingly difficult. With development in technologies, most of these problems and challenges related to waste and junk removal can be overcome. The above new techniques are facilitating better and more efficient recycling of waste that can also be turned into viable alternative forms of energy. They also contribute to protection and conservation of the fragile environment.


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