How Xeriscaping and Other Lawn Care Services May Help to Lower Utility Costs

While lawn care services are rarely the first option that springs to mind for property owners seeking to lower the cost of their monthly utility bills, the right lawn care company may be able to make a far bigger difference than many homeowners might imagine. Xeriscaping to reduce watering costs and planting trees or other plants that can shade homes in order to lower cooling costs are both proven and effective ways that landscaping services may be used in order to create a more cost-effective and energy-efficient home. From basic services like lawn seeding or lawn fertilization to radical landscaping renovations and upgrades, the right service provider may have much to offer.

Xeriscaping to Reducing Watering and Irrigation Costs

Keeping even a small lawn can well irrigated can quickly become an expensive concern, especially for those who live in warmer climates. Xeriscaping is a landscaping method that utilizes native plants and more efficient hard and softscape designs in order to minimize the need for additional irrigation. While lawn fertilization, lawn seeding and planting services are often initial requirements for xeriscaping, this type of landscaping design often requires minimal long-term upkeep and maintenance. For home and property owners who are seeking ways to curb water consumption, xeriscaping can create healthy, vibrant exterior environments that requires little to no additional moisture.

Using Natural Shade to Reduce Cooling Costs

For many home and property owners, air conditioning costs can easily account for the bulk of energy usage during warmer summer months. Professional lawn care services can make it much easier to plant trees and even tall shrubs that may be used to shade a home from exposure to direct sunlight. Areas that are not properly shaded from the sun may feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer than actual temperatures. Providing shade for windows, doors and even bare walls that face the sun can help to alleviate much of the strain being placed on an AC unit or climate control system. Discussing different landscaping options with a professional lawn care company may allow homeowners to discover a wide range of solutions that they might have otherwise overlooked.

Maintaining a More Energy-efficient Home

From homeowners who may be concerned about the impact their household may be having on the environment to those whose chief concern is reducing the cost of their utilities and services, there are plenty of benefits to be had by maintaining a more energy-efficient home. Lawn care services are a resource that many homeowners often overlook in their efforts to curb water or electric consumption. Xeriscaping, lawn seeding with native strains of grass and even lawn fertilization services that may reduce the need to irrigate can all make a real impact. The right lawn care company may prove to be a key asset for those seeking to lower utility costs. Visit Weed Man USA for additional resources.

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