Office Cleaning Services: The Impact of New Technology

As a whole, the Canadian office cleaning industry is very vulnerable to economic downturns and it had several bad years during the recent recession. It is estimated that in 2008, revenue fell by 5.3% and another 6.1% over 2009.

However over the recent years, the Canadian economy has been on the mend and the cleaning industry generated a massive $51 billion in terms of revenue in 2015. For the next 5 years, the economy is projected to continue showing the same strong activity with the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicting a 6% job growth from the levels in 2014.

It is estimated that between 85% and 90% of the cost associated with commercial office cleaning relates to staff maintenance. In 2015 about 3.5 million people were employed in approximately 875,000 cleaning businesses. Therefore, it does not need to be overemphasized that anything that has the potential of making staff more productive and efficient is a welcome thing. And at the core of the impetus for greater staff productivity, automation is taking a central place.

All-Around Business Intelligence

The IoT is taking a centre stage even in the cleaning service industry. Through online connectivity, the more “cleaning things” get connected, the more diverse data that can be collected for analysis towards improving business intelligence. Companies engaged in office cleaning can easily track loads of data from maintenance and cleaning equipment that are connected within their facilities. These can be combined with data from a variety of other IoT-enabled devices such as sanitizing dispensers, floor scrubbers, and even environmental systems.

Such connectivity does not just aid in trend identification such as days within the week when there is an increase in traffic, but it also enables the cleaning company in intelligent resources planning, based on historical data.

Smart Cleaning Machines

The smart cleaning machines of today can be programmed and mapped onto large sites like warehouse complexes, where they can make their way around such buildings, cleaning on the go. Drones capable of window-cleaning are being developed, potentially transforming this traditionally onerous and time-consuming task.

There different spray-and-vac machines which can be called upon to tackle the most challenging of locations in commercial buildings such as locker rooms, kitchen and restrooms. They are replacing the traditional cleaning tools by using high-pressure sprayers as well as equally powerful vacuums.


As cleaning practices get less labour oriented, companies will rely on newer technology in attracting and even retaining the emerging class of qualified cleaners and managers. As new technology enters the market, office cleaning companies will increasingly become less dependent on labour.

With improved data gathering, better communication, and technology advances, owners of office cleaning outfits must strategize and plan for future investments, and also ensure that they have put in place suitable training programs to maximize on the latest advances in technology. You can find more information at Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems.

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