Signs That You Need To Call The Plumber

Most people experience a water problem in their homes at some point. Usually it involves an overflowing toilet or a clogged sink, which can be fixed with at-home tools and products to help homeowners solve the problem. However, sometimes bigger issues develop, such as a leak of unknown origin or a growing water stain on the wall. In those cases, it is best to contact an experienced Pickering plumber who can efficiently diagnose and fix the problem. Although random symptoms of a plumbing issue can occur spontaneously, more complicated problems may evolve following events like the following.

Drain backup.

Sometimes a home’s drain will get severely clogged beyond the point where a common household plunger or other tool can help. A plumbing company can assess the problem and repair it using commercial-grade tools and products. Often this can be done very quickly to avoid extended inconvenience and messy clean-ups. It is important to have the problem addressed immediately to avoid bacteria buildup and structural damage to the home.

Waterline break.

If the home’s plumbing system springs a leak or if one of the pipes fail, a professional plumber can quickly find the source of the leak and repair it using the proper plumbing equipment and supplies. Unless the water main is shut off quickly, substantial water damage can accumulate, costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs as well as restricted use of the home, as a result.

Leaking faucet.

Many handy homeowners can fix a broken or leaky faucet, but some are stubborn for a number of reasons, and some people aren’t handy with do-it-yourself tools. A skilled plumber can repair or replace the broken faucet to stop the leak to prevent water damage.

Frozen water pipes.

If the heating system shuts down in cold weather, the home’s water pipes could freeze, causing the water supply to become inaccessible, and possibly leading to the pipe’s bursting. That can cause considerable damage to the home, requiring hefty insurance payouts and potentially an extended period of time for repair work to be done. If your pipes freeze, call a plumbing company immediately for experienced help.

Water spots.

If water beads, spots, or pools inside a home from an unknown source, it is best to contact a plumber for help. The moisture may be coming from a water pipe leak behind the walls or under the floor, and an expert can quickly find out for sure. The sooner the problem is treated, the safer it will be due to restricting the growth of mold.

Water problems in a home can cause extensive damage.

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