Summer Landscaping Ideas

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor barbecues, pool parties and cocktails on the patio. The weather is warm, kids do not have to wake up early for school and there are a variety of new recipes to try out on the grill! It is also a season to update your landscaping, whether it is for your front lawn, backyard patio or garden. You can keep these areas cool in the summer by adding water fountains, ponds, birdbaths or streams. This gives a pleasant aesthetic look while serving as a natural air conditioning system; the delicate sounds of trickling water are also very relaxing for those cool summer nights.

Fountains of any style can be incorporated into the landscaping of an home. If you have a large front lawn with a wide entrance to your home, consider adding a large fountain here. You can also add two matching fountains on either side of the entrance to your home to create a royal appearance.

Alternatively, if you enjoy spending time in your garden and have planted a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers, you can add a small fountain cum birdbath as the focal point of your garden. Not only will this attract birds, it also creates a romantic, vintage atmosphere for your garden. Traditional features of these fountains include floral designs and cherubs.

Fountains like these can be purchased from large home goods superstores, the internet or from specialized stores. Choose a style that matches the existing decor of your home and is made from a quality material.

Ponds are good for large backyards that are multi-leveled. They can be placed in the lower level for a mysterious look or in the upper level for a fun, playful look to your backyard. Choose an appropriate size based on how large your backyard is. After installation, the pond can be lined with moonstones, plants or other large rocks; fish and other small animals can even be placed in the pond. This is a good idea for homes without small children because they must be supervised very carefully around water.

A birdbath is an excellent idea for nature-lovers. It can be placed underneath or near some trees to encourage birds to drink from it. It should be placed in the backyard so birds are more likely to gather around it. To create a rustic appearance, you can plant some vines or roses near the base of the birdbath and attach them in such a way that they grow up the base of the birdbath; this will create the illusion of age and antiquity.

Incorporating a man-made stream into your landscaping is a good idea for large backyards with lots of trees and woods. This creates a natural setting and can be very aesthetically appealing. Again, the stream can be lined with large, smooth rocks and long grasses to create a natural appearance. This is a good idea for backyards with depth and a natural terrain.

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