Ten Questions to Ask Your Movers

Moving can be a stressful time. But the right movers can make it as pleasant and event-free as possible. Professional movers have a system that moves people and household goods across town and across the country easily and as carefree as possible. To find the right movers you should ask your family and friends for recommendations and check with your local Better Business Bureau for a list of suggested movers. But you also answer the people who want your business a number of questions.

1. Are they a member of an association?

The best movers usually belong to a professional moving association and agree to adhere to a strict code of conditions. This protects the customer and the industry reputation.

2. Do they have a brochure you can review?

Some movers will the provide you with a pamphlet that outlines customer and mover rights and responsibilities. They also explain the different levels of mover liability.

3. Are they insured?

Good moving companies carry specific insurance that pays the customer if anything goes wrong along the way. Ask to see their insurance policy.

4. Do they own their own trucks and equipment?

Does the moving company have their own equipment, or they sub-contract any part of your move to any other company? You need to know.

5. Where are their storage facilities?

Where will your goods be stored overnight on the road? In a truck or in a storage facility? Is your property safe, secure and monitored at all times?

6. Will they give you a written estimate?

Get all estimates and other assurances in writing, including the delivery date, as well as the full name of the person you spoke with. It should come on official company letterhead.

7. Are there any other costs or fees?

Ask if there any additional fees or costs for storage or mileage or over-weight items. Know exactly what you will be charged for by the movers.

8. Are there less busy times for them that could be cheaper for you?

See if there are times like mid-month or later in the year when they aren’t as busy. Maybe they could offer you a discount for moving at that time.

9. How do they want you to get ready for the move?

Do the movers have any specifications for packing? Will they supply boxes or are you on your own? What time do you have to be ready for them in the morning?

10. What is the name of the person to call if anything goes wrong?

Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. But you need to know how to reach the respsonsible person quickly if anything goes wrong.

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