Things to Do When Hiring a Moving Company

As exciting as the thought of moving can be, it generally has various challenges. The difficulties you might face can turn out to be stressful. However, engaging the services provided by professional movers ensures you won’t experience the stress related with moving. To help you select the most suitable moving company, below are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Do not pay for everything upfront
Although most moving companies require a deposit, you should only pay the final bill upon delivery. By paying everything ahead, you are essentially handing over the control surrounding if and when you get to see your stuff next.

Find out who will handle the move
As it turns out, some moving companies contract the gig out. If so and you are okay with it, you should get a contact number so that you are sure of who to call if anything goes wrong on the day of moving. In addition, having copies of the moving contracts on that day allows you to reference the agreement easily.

Get insurance
If you have a renters insurance, your belongings are not actually covered while they are on the move. As such, it is important that you find out exactly what your movers will cover, ensure it is all in the contract, and look into relocation or moving insurance, particularly if you are moving a long distance or have valuable belongings.

Take photos
Photographs are one of the most effective ways of proving your property was in good condition before the move. Although you might not necessarily need them, pictures offer an additional layer of protection in case anything goes wrong.

Disassemble your furniture to save money
Since a moving company might spend lots of time disassembling or reassembling furniture, deciding whether or not you are willing to pay for that time is up to you. You should, however, know that you can always save some money if you do this task yourself.

Protect your home
You do not want door frames to get damaged, carpets to get stained, or walls to get nicked while you are moving into your new home or out of the old one. Ensure your movers bring rug runners and door pads. You should, however, make alternative plans if they do not.

Expect the final cost to slightly more than the estimate
Regardless of how much you plan ahead, expect the final cost of your move to be a little bit higher than the estimate. If you are happy with how your move went, tipping 10-15 percent of the fee would be appropriate. You could tip as much a $100 per mover for a big job.

Check your belongings upon delivery
Although going through every single box on the day your moving company arrives is impossible, you should at least go through your checklist to ensure everything arrived. It might also be the best time to check your most valuable pieces to make sure they are still in good condition. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Hudson Movers.

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