Top 3 Ways To Make Your Hardwood Flooring Stand Out

Homeowners everywhere know that hardwood flooring is a great choice for a stunning and remarkable home. To keep your investment looking great, you can make excellent design choices that make your floors stand out. Here are three simple tips for designing with hardwood flooring in mind.

Dress It Up
Rugs and accent pieces are an excellent addition to your hardwood floor. They keep your home comfortable and decorated without completely hiding what makes it elegant. By using rugs, ottomans, vases and more as stylish embellishments, your wood flooring takes center stage in home design. With rugs, it’s easy to accentuate the best qualities of your wood floor. Natural jute rugs, Moroccan rugs and cowhide rugs are just a few of the many options for savvy home decorators. Neutral wood flooring provides a great background on which to display more ornate rugs.

Sophisticated interior designers know that accent pieces for the floor can make an entire room look cohesive and stunning. From vases to ottomans, these pieces draw your eye to the floor and will help visitors notice your beautiful hardwood floor. Small, wrought iron sculptures and floor-length mirrors are just a couple of eye-catching options to consider when designing your home around beautiful wood floors.

One way to make sure your room looks great after installing hardwood flooring is to set up proper lighting. Creating a cozy atmosphere is ideal when you’ve already taken care of installing beautiful hardwood floors. By making sure your light isn’t jarring or unpleasant, you can take advantage of your floor’s natural beauty. Although natural light is always ideal, halogen bulbs and CFLs are two of the best options that will keep your hardwood floors looking great. It’s a good idea to avoid fluorescent lighting, as it’s often too harsh and uncomfortable. When you seek out the most natural lighting, you can be sure your hardwood flooring looks the best.

Coordinate Wall Colors
Installing wood flooring can lead to huge changes in the design and atmosphere of your home. Your spiffy green walls may no longer be the best choice when you’ve installed bright wood floors that clash with your favorite color. Of course, the colors you choose for your walls depend largely on your overall design choices. Here are a few quick tips for great color pairings this season. Dark floors like black walnut and mazama create an air of cozy sophistication and look great with colors like beige, mauve and wine. If you’re going for a natural yet artsy look, pale floors like birch are a great starting point for bright, bold walls. Overall, there are plenty of stunning ways to coordinate your new wood flooring with the color on your walls. The Relative Space website has the available resources if you would like to learn more.

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