Top Six Window Types Used by Contractors

When building a new house or updating an already existing one, the windows you pick are an important part of creating the perfect atmosphere in your home. There are many types of residential windows available to fit many types of spaces and needs in your home. Contractors have specific types of window they recommend for different spaces and needs within a house. Here are the top six window types used by contractors.

1. The Bay Window

The Bay window is known for its comfy seating space that allows you to cuddle up and read a book while enjoying the view outside your home. This special large sill is also ideal for plant placement. They cause light to come through the room at different angles, and oftentimes the side window is able to be opened to optimize airflow. The information on the Panes website is a good resource if you want to learn more.

2. The Double Hung/Single Hung Window

These window types are the ones you most commonly find in homes. A single hung window has a fixed upper sash and a lower sash that is movable. The double hung window allows both sashes to move. The double hung window allows for better ventilation and is easier to clean from the inside since the top sash can be pulled in to clean. They are able to be used in almost any location you want them in.

3. The Picture Window

A picture window is ideal for an area with an amazing view. They allow you a large panoramic look at whatever is outside of them. They also are great for an area that you want a lot of natural light in. They are not good if you want ventilation because they do not open and close.

4. The Awning Window

The awning window is opened by using a crank to open the window outwards. They are good for placing above or below a picture window, so you can still enjoy ventilation. They are not good to go over areas with walkways since they open outwards and can block the walkway.

5. The Jalousie Window

A Jalousie window setup is able to be opened and closed in unison, so are ideal for warmer areas where air conditioning and heat are used sparingly. They are excellent for optimal airflow but are narrow and offer limited views. Some people place them high on the wall to optimize airflow.

6. The Slider Window

These window types slide sideways. They are inexpensive and have a simple locking mechanism. People often use this window type in basements or bedrooms that are below grade.

Whatever window, or combination of windows, you choose will depend on your personal home and needs. Have fun picking out the perfect windows for you!

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